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At the top of one of the highest hills of the Dordogne, with magnificent views over the valley of the Isle, you will find The Domaine d’Essendiéras.

The Domain is graced with two castles, the newest castle, dating from the 19th century, offers a view on the gardens and the swimming pool in front. The other castle, built in the 16th century, has entirely been renovated where you can know find the suites, reception rooms and a spa.

The two castles, with annexes, form a closed inner courtyard: a fantastic setting from the Middle Ages. The panoramic views and magnificent colors in every season… wherever you look, you acquire a lasting impression of the Domaine d’Essendiéras.

The renovation has preserved the original function of the buildings as much as possible. For example, you can find the original stables, the forge, the carpentry workshop, and the tobacco loft.

Next to the spacious apple orchard, you will see various types of trees that adorn the drive. They provide striking color variation in every season. Those who venture deeper into the woods will enjoy total tranquility, except for a few small wild animals!

You will find endless landscapes on the grounds of Essendiéras. Magnificent views and closed forest trails that offer everything a hiker needs.



Domaine d'Essendiéras
24160 St. Médard d’Excideuil
Dordogne France