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History of our Domain

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History of
the Domaine d'Essendiéras

Our Domain d’Essendiéras is situated on one of the highest hills of the Dordogne with a magnificent view over the valley of the Isle, bordered by the river de Loue and the Haut-Loue.

After taking over the dilapidated buildings in 1999, our history starts with the renovation of this charming French cultural heritage.

The total country estate has a surface area of 350 ha and consists of 7 farms with barns and ten labourers’ cottages. The centre is dominated by XVIth and XIXth century castles with annexes such as stables, barns, administrator’s residences, a large park and an orangerie.

From time immemorial it has always been an agrarian domain where highly prominent French families, often with a cultural or political background, resided.

The business foundation of the domain has also changed through the centuries. For example, tobacco and wine were cultivated in the XIXth century; the old tobacco lofts in the annexes are still intact, but due to a shortage of staff, these activities were replaced after WWI by a farm with livestock and arable farming. In the ‘60s, the previous owner, Sylvain Floirat, converted it into one of the largest apple orchards in Europe.

As the new owners, we also believe it is important to preserve this cultural heritage in its authentic state. We are permanently working on restoring all buildings to their original condition while trying to give them a new function.

The farms have been restored and prepared as holiday residences. We have employed the ‘Gîtes de France quatre etoiles’ standard, which means that there are at least two bathrooms and adequate comfort and living space.

Naturally, you will also find a magnificent heated swimming pool. Horse lovers can find what they are looking for on our domain. Take your horse along on holiday; we have stables, sufficient pasture and more than 100 ha of woods to enjoy for hours.

The outside walls of the XIXth-century castle have been completely restored. Also the XVIth-century castle has been completely renovated. It now accommodates different dining and seminar rooms as well as the bridal suites on the top floor.

Guests have a magnificent heated swimming pool at their disposal, as well as our SPA, various lakes (one with a beach), walking paths and mountain bikes. In such an ambiance, you are truly on holiday and feel like a lord or lady of the castle.