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at le Domaine d'Essendiéras

Our ambition is to restore all the buildings and houses on the estate, while also developing facilities for guests and homeowners. Since 2006, 23 gîtes have found new owners. By selling the projects that are finished, we are able to take on new projects again.

Buying a house at le Domaine d’Essendiéras is similar to buying any other house in France. We sell restored houses with plots varying between 700 and 3000 m². Each house is fully furnished and is currently rented out as a holiday home. In the current offer you will find mainly renovation and new construction projects. In addition, you will also find houses we offer on behalf of first-time owners.

If the property is primarily an investment for you, we offer to rent it from you for a fixed amount per year. You may then only use the house yourself for a limited number of weeks per year.

However, most homeowners like to stay at the property for between 6 and 12 weeks a year. In the periods that the owner does not use the house himself, we rent it out as best we can. We look after the property, maintain the garden and swimming pool and organise the administration. We pay all bills and taxes and transfer the balance to the owner at the end of the season.

Returns vary based on the owners’ personal use. But from experience, we see that in almost all cases, the costs of your second home are covered. So you and your family and friends can enjoy the holiday home carefree.

In recent years, all renovated homes have found a new owner. So we are currently working mainly on renovation and new construction projects in cooperation with the future owners. La Pépinière is an example of a recently completed renovation project and La Buissonnière of a new construction project.

Renovation – La Cerise

In 2023, we completed the first renovated gîte in the hamlet of “La Cerise”, on the north side of the estate. Here there are still several existing houses with beautiful stones, in need of complete refurbishment.

In many cases, we do the renovation directly in consultation with the new owner. We then sell the property in its current state with a nice plot of land and a renovation plan made to the new owner’s taste and understanding. We supervise these projects and deliver the property turnkey. If required, we can of course also take care of the rental of the new gîte afterwards.

New buildings – La Guichardie

We have already built a few new houses new in the old style. We have prepared several plots in the hamlet “La Guichardie” for building. We have several plans ready for these plots and the first 2 of these have now been sold and are under construction (Maison la Vallée, Maison Vue sur le Golf). From this unique location, every property has a magnificent view. If you want complete freedom in developing your maison secondaire, this is a unique opportunity.

In the next few years, we also expect to build the next tranche of 9 holes to create a full 18-hole course. The permits for this have already been issued and with the growth of the club and the arrival of new homeowners, the economic tipping point is in sight.

You can of course find much more information, photos and videos on the website. If you would like to experience the domain in reality, we cordially invite you to stay. I will be honoured to personally show you around and introduce you to this special project.